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Content Management Checkup Quiz

Do you suspect you have a content management problem that VIOMA Content Manager can help solve?

Check off each characteristic below that your company currently experiences.

Web managers need to rerelease a previously published verson but are unable to.
Content authors cannot pre-publish content to be released at a specific time.
Content authors spend hours on appearance instead of focusing on content.
Content cannot be easily reused, shared, distributed, or imported.
Good, useful material is not included because it cannot be secured or controlled.
Content cannot be customized for different groups by marketing or product staff.
Site characteristics like appearance cannot be changed without overhauling old pages.
The company website is not representative of the company in a beneficial way.
Your webmaster or IT department is overworked uploading backlogged content.
Site visitors don't understand your navigation and can't find information they need.
Content authors have a hard time locating information they need.
Some content is inaccurate, out of date, redundant, or was uploaded without authorization.
The home page is inaccurate or has an incomplete listing for navigation.
The website contains several different, outdated navigation or display styles.
Content authors sometimes accidentally delete or overwrite content or files.

Idea adapted from CMSWatch's "CMS Report", Version 6 - Summer 2004.
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