SOLUTIONS For Advanced Web-based Business
About Content Solutions, Inc.
The company was founded in Europe in 1996. The original business model was as a pure product company that developed a world-class web content management platform, sold to IT departments of medium to large corporations. In 2002, worldwide exclusive rights to the technology were acquired by Content Solutions, Inc. of Seattle, WA.

The business model changed to include not only providing a world-class content management server, but also offering hosting and custom development services to corporate clients developing web-based business solutions based on the content management server platform. The company has provided custom, hosted solutions to several companies, as well as sold content server product licenses to clients hosting and developing independent solutions. The company is currently working on several client-driven web solutions and continues to enhance the content management platform to maintain a competitive position in the marketplace.

The core assets of the company are a web portal and content management platform (VIOMA Content Manager), and a web services proxy server built on an XML-based integration engine. This provides unique capabilities to provide web-based business solutions with secure end-user access to existing and new business applications.

The design of VIOMA Content Manager is based on the concept that a website design is separate from the content and business logic. This unique blend of technology, implementation resources and hosting capabilities gives us the ability to provide our clients with advanced, high-performance solutions at a competitive price.
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