SOLUTIONS For Advanced Web-based Business
Design Methodology
Four step design method
  Section One - Tasks 1-3 Section Two - Tasks 4-6 Section Three - Tasks 7-10 Section Four - Alternatives to Activities
Task One – Examination of the existing system
During this step, we:
• articulate and agree upon the goals of the project
• define objectives (tasks) of public users
• present the “Background Assessment Report”
• present graphic prototypes

The results of this meeting can be distilled into one vision for the project, which then becomes part of the “Background Assessment Report”.

Task Two – Site Design
Graphic presentation will be key in structuring this site. We envision a site that is both process-oriented and reference-oriented. Our team intends to develop this phase as completely as possible to provide the foundation and framework for the entire project.

During this step, we:
• present conceptual graphics and page layouts
• introduce site structure
• discuss interdepartmental links
• create conceptual design report

Task Three – Revisit the schedule
Rework the schedule as necessary to integrate the progress of other projects. As content and graphics becomes available they will be incorporated into the web site.
Task Four – Prototype and basic site
Deliverables at at this time include:
• a functional prototype
• integration of available material
• limited on-line or off-line launch for review and testing
• a review meeting and direction assessment

Task Five – Initial Launch
• We launch the initial site.
• Users do testing and return feedback.

Task Six – Finish initial site
• fully integrated and functional sections as written by the customer
• presentation to staff and project teams
• off-line launch for testing and feedback
• testing of automated generation of printer-friendly documents

Tasks Seven and Eight – Refinement
These phases continue iterations of launching a more complete version of the site followed by testing and collecting feedback.

Task Nine – Enhancement
Beyond building a complete solution for the site, we investigate and develope modules to facilitate and enhance both public and staff use of the system.

Task Ten – Final Launch
The collaborative efforts of the team throughout development culminate in a launch of the online web site.

Our team believes that specific alternatives could extend client value as the site is developed. We believe such alternatives could offer a solution that is “a cut above” and is extremely beneficial to the users, managers and the public.

Some alternatives include:
• creating more sophisticated definitions of groups of public users and designing alternate navigation for them
• testing activites to include public user groups
• in-depth discussion of how the content will be contributed to and by which parties

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