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Is VIOMA Content Manager supporting geographically distributed content development/admin teams?
Yes, VIOMA Content Manager has a WEB based administration environment which supporting geographically distributed content development/admin teams.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)?
Yes, users can be retrieved from a LDAP server.

Is it necessary to create special user groups and individual users?
No, you can easily make use of your existing user groups and access rights by importing the settings from any system that uses LDAP.

How is the administration done in VIOMA Content Manager?
Web based administration in three different work areas; System Administration, Site Administration and Content Authoring.

Can VIOMA Content Manager be used to operate/administrate several sites?
VIOMA Content Manager can be used for running several sites and their amount is constrain by limitations in hardware and third party software.

Is it possible to change/adopt the system appearance (e.g. the menus, icons, etc.)?
No, VIOMA Content Manager is standardized software that may not be modified without an OEM license, which includes the source code.

Can VIOMA Content Manager be used off-line?
No; it is a web-based solution, so all changes are made on the server, thus requiring a connection to the server.
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