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Will VIOMA Content Manager automatically restart if the system becomes unavailable?
For our hosted pages, a whistleblower report will be generated if the system becomes unavailable. The criteria for judging unavailability is decided by the individual client. VIOMA will then be restarted, restoring functionality.

What indexing does VIOMA Content Manager support?
Indexing can done with all XML objects, including metadata, as well as the repository database and the complete site. The user can search multiple sections of the site simultaneously.

For what file types does VIOMA Content Manager support full-text searches?
Meta data is searchable, data within the documents cannot yet be searched.

Can VIOMA Content Manager be used together with advanced, sophisticated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools?
Yes, business logic can be used to interface with CRM tools and manage the interactions.

Can VIOMA Content Manager allow personalisation of content?
Basic profiling can be accomplished in VIOMA Content Manager by using custom business logic. This can be used to generate customized pages on a user-specific level. Personalization can be by user choice, selected options, user profile and behavior, or any other criteria.

How long time does it take to restart the VIOMA Content Manager system?
VIOMA Content Manager can be restarted or begun in less than five minutes. This keeps downtime to a minimum, reducing the impact of unavailability.

Does the system provide a tool to check links' validity?
The system assures the validity of the relation between elements and stored object (e.g. product sheet with a photo), but there is no tool to assure validity of external links or links created manually by the editors. The way to check this is by testing it.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support multiple languages? Unicode characters (e.g. Japanese and Chinese characters)?
The system is in English, but content can be stored in any language. It supports Unicode characters and other language sets, but should be verified for the intended variation.

Can updates be performed without halting VIOMA Content Manager?
No, updating requires a short period of down-time.

What "nets" does VIOMA Content Manager support?
VIOMA supports the Internet, as well as extranets and intranets.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support notifying specified users of errors?
This is supported by creating customized business logic to send emails to specified addressed when a given event occurs.

What sort of history is kept of what happens on the site?
The system log records a history of what occurs on the site. VIOMA has an add-on Versioning module, which keeps a history of changes on an object or container level and giving an option to "roll-back" content to a previous version.

Is VIOMA Content Manager supporting the creation of metadata?
Yes, for every content object, you may specify additional metadata information.
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