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How can content creation be done in VIOMA Content Manager?
Content can be created with web-based forms or third-party XML (eXtensible Markup Language) content tools.

Does VIOMA Content Manager allow content items to be stored outside the system?
Yes; for example, product files may be stored in an external file server. VIOMA Content Manager supports information retrieval from all ODBC/JDBC Relational Databases. Creation and manipulation of external data sources through VIOMA Content Manager will be supported in the future.

How can content objects be structured in VIOMA Content Manager?
The content is structured according to the DTDs (Document Type Definitions). In Internet and Intranet applications, the content is often organized to reflect the site structure.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support previewing content inside VIOMA?
Yes, it is a basic feature in the Content Author section.

Will Content Authors need any programming skills (HTML, ASP, Java etc.), to create content?
Non-technical authors may not have programming skills (HTML, ASP, Java etc.), but should not be expected to.

Is it possible to change an existing form for Content Authors in VIOMA Content Manager?
Yes, changing and editing forms can be easily done using XML and CML (Content Solution's proprietary Content Markup Language).

Does VIOMA Content Manager support "distributed" content creation?
Yes, the system is designed for dividing the content creation process among several authors/editors, as well as for collaboration.

Can content (text) be stored as formatted text?
Yes, the Content Author section includes an RTF (Rich Text Format) text editor.

What kind of content objects can be stored?
Content items can be applications, templates, images, sound, text or more.

Is VIOMA Content Manager capable of managing different content types?

Does VIOMA Content Manager support content types including text, graphics, PDF, script, audio, video and binary?

Does VIOMA Content Manager support WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing?
No, but the system includes an RTF-editor.

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