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How does implementation of the new site work after purchasing VIOMA Content Manager?
Content Solutions offers the TOTAL content management solution. While we allow deployment flexibility by offering either a hosted solution, an on-site remotely managed package, or a product licensing option, the most common scenario is that Content Solutions' developers will create the new site and provide training on content authoring.

Can VIOMA provide basic templates, some workflows, and sample architecture?
Forms and templates are always customer-specific and are therefore part of the implementation project.

What recommendations for previous knowledge does VIOMA have for the different positions?
System Administrator VCM: We suggest that System Administrators are knowledgeable about RDB (Relational Databases).
Site Master VCM: We suggest that Site Masters are knowledgeable about HTML, to create templates and page structures, and Java, to create business logic. Experience with XML and XSLT is useful, but not required.
Content Author VCM: No technical competence is required other than handling of content creation.

What is the implementation time for a VIOMA Content Manager solution?
The implementation varies, of course, with the complexity and size of the project, as well as other factors. On average, we estimate the implementation of a VCM-based solution to take half the time of other systems and just a fraction of the time of "home-made" installations.

What platform is recommended for VIOMA Content Manager? Is it platform-dependent?
The VCM system can be installed on a majority of operating systems and architecture. The platform needs to have support for Java2 (see software requirements below).

What are the hardware requirements of VIOMA Content Manager?
• Minimum one Pentium III processor @ 600 Mhz or one UltraSPARC III processor.
• Minimum 512MByte RAM.
• 4GByte available disk space (100 MByte for VCM, the rest for Content Objects).

Is installation on client machines necessary?
No, VCM is a server-based installation, so no installation on clients is necessary. The client must have the Java 2 client installed, however.

What are the software requirements?
• Operating Systems (server): Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Server (Service Packs 4 & 5, but not 6), Windows 2000 Server, Sun Solaris (SPARC), Linux, or any UNIX version supporting Java2.
• JavaSoft, Java2 SDK 1.3 or Java2 JRE 1.3.
• A compatible database engine for the repository, such as IBM DB2 6.1 or 7.1, Oracle 8i and Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 are supported.
• A compatible web server, any web server with servlets 2.0 support, or with a servlet engine such as Alaire JRun, IBM WebSphere etc. Some servers with Servlet support are iPlanet, Apache, and IBM HTTP Server. One server that can use the add-on servlets engines is Microsoft IIS.
• Client browsers: Netscape 4.7 or later and Internet Explorer 5.01 or later, and JavaPlugin/Java Virtual Machine support.
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