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How is the presentation of content managed in VIOMA Content Manager?
With use of design templates.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support having a publication date and time for content?

Does VIOMA Content Manager support having an expiration date and time for the content?

What is Content Markup Language (CML)?
Content Markup Language (CML) is a VIOMA improvement of XSLT for easier template creation.

Can the documents be automatically removed from the web?
Yes, VIOMA Content Manager handles this by using options titled "publish to web date" and "Remove from web date".

How are design changes done in VIOMA Content Manager?
It’s done by editing design templates witch control the presentation.

Can we use existing design tools to create design templates in VIOMA Content Manager?
Yes, the design can be done in any HTML editor, e.g. Macromedia Homesite, Microsoft Frontpage, or Macromedia Dreamweaver. The additional CML tags are used to enhance to the functionality and flexibility of the design templates.

What channels are supported by VIOMA Content Manager?
Web and WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) as default, but other channels can be supported with add-on modules.

What are the requirements for web browsers?
The VIOMA Content Manager administration requires Netscape 4.7 or later and Internet Explorer 5.01 or later (see also software requirements).

What is the advantage of using design templates for presentation?
The advantages are in the separation of content from design and the use of design templates. This combination gives a controlled design with presentation rules.

Is it possible to change an existing design template in VIOMA Content Manager?
Yes, changing and editing design templates can easily be done using HTML and CML.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support publishing content items in more than one location?
Yes, VIOMA Content Manager supports multiple sites publishing (e.g.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support delivering content items to multiple devices, e.g. PCs, WAP phones, PDA, and different types of each device?
Yes, any device can be defined with a different style.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support including content items from external sources, e.g. news feed, weather reports, stock information, information from partner sites?
Yes, VIOMA supports external sources as long as it is in XML or format-independent form.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support delivering content to external sites, e.g. partner sites?
Content can be delivered as XML, or format-independent to external sites.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support delivering static content?
It is possible to link to existing static Web pages. It is possible to store existing pages in the VIOMA Content Mananager, but doing so requires some manual work.

Does VIOMA Content Manager support scheduling content delivery?

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