SOLUTIONS For Advanced Web-based Business
Solutions for Advanced Web-based Business

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Design, Content, Business Logic The design of VIOMA Content Manager is based on the philosophy that a web site design is separate from the content and business logic. With the content stored in a presentation-neutral format, content creators can update the content independently of the presentation of that content.

Content Solutions, Inc. works with web sites and web based business solutions. We offer a product that streamlines the web publishing process and enables non-technical people to update the web pages. We also offer Web based business solutions including secure individualized access to portal solutions with integration to backend data bases.
VIOMA Content Manager, our mature, stable product, is backed by six years of research and development and provides a real-world enterprise-wide content management service and application.

  Content Author Benefits Business Benefits Company Benefits IT Department Benefits Visitor Benefits
  • Ideas publish in minutes, not hours or days
  • Reduce dependency on IT department
  • One-click publishing
  • Change design without losing content and change content without losing design
  • Return the power of publishing to authors
  • Employees of marketing, sales, and human resources can change and publish their content
  • Versioning of content provides easy to use restore and audit trail of changes
  • Dynamic publishing allows one change to update multiple pages
  • Web-based publishing available anywhere
  • Branding and format consistency
  • Share files with remote workgroups and in virtual offices
  • Updates in minutes rather than hours or days
  • Independent control of content
  • Non-technical users can submit, edit, review, and approve content using their favorite tools
  • Eliminate webmaster bottlenecks
  • Complete audit trail and user authentication
  • Manage and schedule content from databases, files systems, news feeds, and legacy systems
  • Easy approval/review processes with flexible workflow management
  • Communicate critical information faster and more securely without risk of viruses or lost email
  • Protect employees with a secure, HIPAA-approved web site
  • Search capability aids location of information for users
  • Business Logic is added to any webpage in minutes
  • Open platform and open standards eases integration with external applications
  • Saves full approval history to ensure quality and accountability
  • Increase involvement in website publishing throughout the company
  • Stop losing customers due to outdated web content
  • Increase employee productivity by expediting access to essential information
  • Increase collaboration by providing an effective mechanism for increasing ideas’ circulation
  • Easier, quicker access to latest information 24-7
  • Reduce expenses by allowing less-technical business users to self-publish
  • Reduce dependency on IT department for mundane tasks
  • Webmaster is removed from creative publishing loop
  • Manage multiple sites from a single instance
  • Publishing interface accessible with any web browser without special client software
  • Interoperability - designed to be integrated with your existing enterprise applications and legacy systems
  • Ready to go - Seamless installation on any operating system. All required components are part of the release
  • Easily and reliably deploy website changes and updates
  • Highly secure; HIPAA-compliant
  • Distributed authoring shortens publishing time for critical content
  • Reduce site management costs
  • Dynamic assembly and template-driven content delivery separates content from design
  • Use Version Control to restore any version of the website. A complete history ensures quality and accountability
  • Pages can be staged and previewed before publishing
  • Implement your own corporate identity: all products are available with source code
  • Visitors see more timely and valuable content because changes occur quickly and easily
  • Encourage repeat site visits because of fresh content (e.g. current product selection, pricing)
  • Encourage longer site visits because of more in-depth and useful content (e.g. FAQs, non-product content)

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