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A web-based application designed for marketing companies doing collaborative marketing over the web. The portal stores streaming media, video, and movies in a secure database. All content is easy to retrieve and maintain, even for non-technical users.

Our portal solution allows us to build a community portal for a city, a company, a military base, local school, or any entity. Members can be created, stored in a database, and tracked to provide useful information. The portal can be used for distributed collaboration, where members add content to the site. Publication on the portal can be moderated using workflow controls built into VIOMA. This solution lets the community use a clear, easy-to-navigate site with personalized content delivery, targeted emails, and end-user control over presentation and preferences.

This web-based application is designed for health clinics with on-line patient interface and administrative interface. The portal includes a secure HIPAA system for different users and is able to store patient data for continued use. Non-technical users can easily add content and several administrative functions are built in.

The health portal gives patients secure access on an individual basis. It can be integrated with medical databases and medical information and allows real-time interaction between the patients and the clinic staff, providing patients with rich and varied content. The portal includes sophisticated administration capabilities for clinic staff and allows corporations to sign up and manage their employees’accounts.

This web-based solution for clinicians and patients allows cooperation in managing health-related issues.It is designed for health clinics, doctor’s offices, dental or any medical situations that manages patients. The patient has an on-line interface to make appointments, order medicine and manage their information, while the administration and the clinicians have an administrative interface. All user input is stored in a database that allows the clinicians to oversee patients.

The web site includes news and various graphical representations of the patient’s progress. Other solutions can be used to create input forms to gather information from patients. These forms use custom business logic to process input and generate filtered output, as well as scripts to handle error-processing on individual pages. The Clinic Administrator module generates customized reports for the physicians, clinicians and administrators based on the user information in the database. Billing and financial modules with business logic can be added to the portal, and data sets can be collected for research and statistical studies.

Some examples of Health Portal modules:
• Secure, password-protected access at all times
• Assessment survey is dynamically tailored to patient’s profile
• Secure administration access for clinicians (HIPAA compliant)
• Granular access controls for clinicians based on job
• Easy-to-access database for clinicians’ tracking of patient data
• Secure storage at all times
• Enables verifiable data sets for statistical studies

A portal used to collect health risk information about patients, this is designed for health clinics with existing on-line patient interface and administrative interface (such as our General Health Portal). It includes a secure, HIPAA-compliant system for different clinicians and users, and stores patient’s health risk factors in a secure database. It allows non-technical users to easily add content and integrates fully and easily with Content Solutions' General Health Portal.

Our health risk assessment (HRA) was developed by medical doctors and takes the patient through a series of questions about current health, medication, diet, weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, behaviors such as smoking, poor diet, lack of exercise and not wearing seat belts.

HRA Components
1. A questionnaire about personal, family history, medical, behavior, exercise, and nutrition information.
2. A computation of risk factors.
3. A prescription of diet, exercise and behavior change.

A web-based application designed for online magazines with interfaces for both journalists and editors. The portal stores article data, pictures, advertisements, and other content in a database and reassembles the pieces when the pages are viewed. This portal includes workflow control to assign and edit articles before publishing.Editors have final approval before the article is displayed on the main website.

A portal application designed to facilitate information sharing over any medium, whether Internet, Intranet, or Extranet. This portal is ideal for public agencies such as research companies, libraries, universities or other schools, etc. Non-technical and technical people alike can share and compile ideas, images, and research documents in a centralized location without being limited by geographical proximity -- or lack thereof.

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