SOLUTIONS For Advanced Web-based Business
Portals and Portal Development Methodology
  1 - Strategic Definition 2 - Creative Development 3 - Implementation & Site Realization
In the strategic definition phase, the focus is on defining the strategy as it relates to the customer's value proposition for user constituents, specifically focusing on user needs, goals, and perceptions.

Business case review
• Determine objective and high level business goals
• Assess business and technical environment.

Formulate Approach
• Identify brand drivers
• Interview key employees
• Identify target audience
• Survey and analyze existing brand

• Gather as much marketing collateral as possible from client
• Perform competitive analysis
• Meet with client to determine the goals of the project

• Look and feel goals – ease of use, amount of graphics
• Scope of changes from current site
• Source of content
• List of content

In the creative development phase, we focus on translating the strategy (as defined in Phase One) into a plan for the creation of a meaningful user experience.

Functional framework
• Determine scope of any dynamic content
• Create business logic modules, if necessary

Wire frames
• Determine content areas for each page of the site
• Organize content into proposed site map
• Map becomes navigation tree

Screen flows
• Site maps
• High level use cases

Graphic Design Visualization
• Refine the look and feel with client feedback
• Finalize template graphics and artwork

Screenshots & HTML Prototypes
• Prototype possible UI designs in HTML; includes some rough graphics

Milestone: Client must approve of overall template design
Milestone: Client must approve overall site design look and feel

In the realization phase, the focus is on the implementation and delivery of the client site based on the business, design and development strategies previously laid out.

Coding and Creating Pages
• Create templates and entry forms for VIOMA
• Create site structure on the server
• Enter content. Create links

Production Graphics
• Create content graphics and artwork

User/Constituent training
• Identify content creator and content approval roles within the client organization
• Provide user/Client training on the content publishing system.

User/Client testing & evaluation
• Unit Test Business logic
• Test site links
• Test overall site
• Test template with target browsers.
• Use feedback to refine and combine good elements into a single design
• Setup roles and approval security
• Beta test with client and users

Style guides
• Content management maps

Milestone: Client signs off on project implementation.
Milestone: Content Solutions, Inc. declares project complete.

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