SOLUTIONS For Advanced Web-based Business
VIOMA Content Manager Server
VIOMA manages web content from creation and organization through deployment and distribution. VIOMA supports content tagging for web, wireless, or print, as well as comprehensive database handling, security, and staging of any type of content.

The principle of VIOMA is to separate content from presentation. To this end, VIOMA uses open, Java-based programming interfaces (APIs) to support third parties such as OEM partners, system integrators and other software vendors building and deploying add-on modules. With the GUI-customization API, it is easy for OEM partners to add their own look and feel to the product suite.

VIOMA Content Manager provides advanced content management functionality to manage any type of Web Content, text, images, audio, video etc. The combination of the XML integration with XML-based content management provides a powerful platform for building feature- and content-rich web-enabled enterprise applications and websites.

Read the VIOMA features list, and watch our Vioma video .
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