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VIOMA Integration Server
The VIOMA Integration Server is a data integration server built on open standards (Java & XML) that connects to back-end enterprise resources such as databases and ERP/Legacy systems, as well as provides an XML representation of data stored in these enterprise resources. Besides real-time access to enterprise systems, the VIOMA Integration Server also provides a XML and Content Repository that supports local storage of XML objects or XML meta-data together with any arbitrary binary object.

• Security that supports open user catalog systems such as LDAP.
• XML and Content Repository, meta-data.
• XML Index and Query facility
• XML Transformation Engine supporting XSLT, CML and custom languages.
• CML (Content Markup Language), a powerful markup language used to combine pieces of XML from different sources
• Rules Engine supporting multiple devices and profiling.
• Integrates with databases and enterprise systems.
• Possible to add more output formats
• Handles multiple data sources
• Intermediate storage of time-critical data in the built-in XML repository
• Installing VIOMA Integration Server as an integration platform enables rapid implementation of systems such as B2B
• Easily add reusable custom business logic functionality using Java.
• J2EE compliant, server based, and platform independent (UNIX, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux)

To learn more, read these sections:
- Transformation Engine
- Methods for Scaling Functionality
- Business Logic, Interfaces and Data Sources
- Example Usage (XML Integration, B2B, Mobile Internet)
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