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VIOMA Integration Server > Business Logic, Interfaces, and Data Sources
One of the most powerful features in VIOMA Integration Server is the ability to connect and retrieve data from other systems using any of VIOMA Integration Server’s interfaces.

VIOMA Integration Server’s open Java APIs can be used with the repository to store and retrieve content.

Data sources (retrieves external data and convert it to a XML structure):
• JDBC - Connects to most databases on the market, as well as other integration systems.
• IMAP - Access to message stores.
• Custom, built using the Data source API, can connect to any third party or custom system.

CML can easily be extended with custom tags, which will invoke Java code that can:
• Make calls other systems or EJB’s.
• Make VIOMA Integration Server API calls.
• Operate on the retrieved data.

Triggers can be added to the system in the form of triggered events e.g. before a request is processed and after processing has taken place, to support custom billing systems, or other systems that need to be integrated with VIOMA Integration Server. This can be used to integrate to different process automation engines.

Interface to IBM Websphere Portal Server Present XML data from VIOMA Integration Server in a Corporate Portal.

Extendable custom logic and data sources can be written and debugged in any Java IDE. Debugging requires a Java IDE that supports that Java Remote Debugging standard from Sun.

Custom Logic classes and resources are packaged in easily-managed module. JAR files are automatically loaded and started by the server.

Using VIOMA Integration Server with application servers and web servers
VIOMA Integration Server can be used with the leading Application Servers on the market, such as IBM Websphere Application Server or BEA WebLogic.
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