SOLUTIONS For Advanced Web-based Business
Example XML Integration Application
Example application using VIOMA Integration Server to provide a uniform XML-based enterprise information access point. Examples of applications that can access XML data are a number of Content Management Systems, some ERP-systems, Microsoft Office XP, and Microsoft BizTalk.

Example B2B Application
Example application using VIOMA Integration Server to be able to supply resellers (or other partners) with customized product information in a generic XML format. VIOMA Integration Server assembles the XML information in real-time from various internal information and ERP systems at Company A upon request from Reseller 1.

By transforming the data retrieved the result format is produced in real-time specific to Reseller 1’s profile. The transformation is described using CML and/or XSLT templates. Reseller 1 will always have up-to-date product information tailored to their agreements with Company A.

Example Mobile Internet solution
Example application using VIOMA Integration Server in order to build a Mobile Internet solution. VIOMA Integration Server is used for content management of external data sources, profiling and device handling. By connecting VIOMA Integration Server to a Mobile Portal Server, that server can handle billing, payment and subscriptions. Mobile clients can be PDAs, cell phones or other mobile devices.
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